Get a First Look at Lost Outpost: Director’s Cut

We will be conducting a first look interview and preview of the upcoming game, Lost Outpost: Director’s Cut on Friday, October 4, 2013 at 5 p.m. EDT on our TwitchTV channel. We will be interviewing Garage Collective while playing early versions of the game to give you a taste of what’s to come.

Lost Outpost: Director's Cut

During the live stream, you’ll see and hear:

  • A live interview with streamer, Kevin Buice, and Garage Collective
  • Screenshots of the upcoming game
  • Live gameplay and walkthrough with the developer
  • You can ask questions in the channel chat 

Drop in at any time and get in on the interview! Follow us on Twitter or on TwitchTV for an update when we go live.

Game Details

Lost Outpost is the sequel of the hugely popular online space-based shoot’em up series which started with Outpost: Haven. In Lost Outpost, you will get to follow the distinct (and sometimes common) paths of 2 rescue marines, trapped in a space station infested with mutant bugs. As the story evolves, you will discover new locations, travel through space to nearby planets, and fight your way through hordes of aggressive Aliens.

Lost Outpost: Director’s Cut is a twin-stick shooter “package” covering two games previously released last year (Outpost: Haven and Outpost: Swarm), plus the yet-to-be-released sequel, Lost Outpost (the follow-up on Outpost: Haven story) as well as many additional levels that weren’t included in the sequel.

You can find the trailer to Lost Outpost: Director’s Cut below:

You can find the game on Steam Greenlight and vote for it to get added to the Steam library.

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